września 2011


Unreal reality

Posted on wtorek, 27 września 2011

Dealing with all the stuff needed for my visa application made me extra busy for past weeks. Medical certificate is almost done, the birth and the good character certificates are translated, paper from the uni is ready to pick up, I'm having one of the last of my days at work...Few minor things like insurance, some shopping, goodbye party etc are being taken care of as well. Pretty good, huh?
I just have that strange feeling... Everything is so unreal! I can't believe that in 2 weeks I will be somewhere in the air in a plane taking me to the other side of the world.  I'm sorting out things here but I don't really think that much about what my life will be after 10th of October. That probably helps me with dealing with such a big change of my life... I bet it will start feeling real when I wave goodbye to my family at the airport...And then I will probably freak out ;)