listopada 2011


Christmas package

Posted on wtorek, 29 listopada 2011

My Christmas gifts arrived in Poland! I had to send it before 25th of November to be sure that it will be there before Christmas. It took 2 weeks to arrive- not too bad! I wonder now how long polish post office will take ;)

I have to admit that it doesn't feel like Christmas is approaching. Of course there are Christmas trees showing up here, there are a lot of ads about gifts etc but... I can't imagine Christmas during summer!!! It just sounds so wrong! I guess I will complain more about it later ;)


Windy Welly

Posted on niedziela, 27 listopada 2011

Cable car
Wow! A month without a note here! I think I just got lazy. That's what happens when I have too much  free time ;) It will change soon as next week I'm starting work. Nothing too exciting but it will pay the bills so...
During last month I was wandering around the city when the weather was nice. Wellington is a beautiful city. Not too big though and it certainly doesn't feel like a capital city. My favorite spot is the Botanical Garden located on one of the hills surrounding the city. To get there I usually catch the cable car- cute, red train taking off from one of the main streets. Another great place is Te Papa- national museum. I was very impressed with exhibitions there as it's very interactive and so different than the museums I've seen so far. It's quite surprising that the entry is free.
in Te Papa

The title of the post refers to the weather here- Wellington region is famous for being really windy. I remember when I walked around the city and I thought it was windy everyone kept telling me it was just a breeze. After few days I experienced a windy day... It means you can hardly catch your breath and you need to lean to be able to walk. Slowly I'm getting used to it. Weather in general here is quite unpredictable. Luckily summer is coming soon so I hope for more sunny and beautiful days.
Today was also quite nice so normally we would go to the batch but my poor boyfriend caught a chest infection few days ago so... But he took me for ice-creams to Plimmerton where the Polish restaurant is. It was closed but I'm going to try  it out next weekend. I guess I'm getting little bit homesick :)
The view from the entrance to Botanical Garden
The Harbour