października 2011


Imported Polish bride

Posted on wtorek, 25 października 2011

I should have written it a week ago but I was too busy or had no internet... I GOT MY VISA!!! I was expecting to wait 2 months for it, I prepared tons of documents as well as my boyfriend and I was damn stressed about it. Guess what? I took me 1 hour to get it (including walking to the police station to witness the signature of my boyfriend)  The clerk was laughing at us that we couldn't be a real couple as we were holding hands the whole time. But when my bf said that I'm his freshly imported Polish bride the guy said to better not joke about that... Anyway having my visa means I can start looking for job...Wish me good luck!


Well done All Blacks!

Victorious cupcakes
Have I already mentioned that Kiwis are crazy about rugby? I think it's contagious cos I found myself really interested about this sport. It's quite surprising as I have never been into watching any sports at all...  There is so much happening on the field! Way more entertaining than soccer. As my boyfriend says "Soccer is a gentleman's game played by thugs and rugby is a thug's game played by gentlemen" and then he adds  " and american football is a prick's game played by pricks... (ok, he doesn't use the word 'pricks' but I don't like to swear too much so....)

Staffed kiwi mascot from 1905
New Zealand's national team is called ALL BLACKS due to the colour of the uniforms- obviously it's all black with a silver fern on it...and an adidas trade mark. Rugby was brought to NZ in the late1860's from The United Kingdom. After few dacades All Blacks went for a tour to the UK bringing staffed kiwi as a mascot. It was always on the field and it was said that the winner keeps the kiwi. You can see this kiwi in Palmerston North in the Museum of Rugby ;) Probably it's the best place to find out more about the game.

Streets of Wellington
after winning the World Cup
in the Museum Of Rugby

Last Sunday All Blacks beat France in the final match in Rugby World Cup. The country went crazy as this is the first World Cup victory since 1987! Streets of Wellington were full of dancing people who just wanted to share their happiness with the whole world. Amazing experience for me! Now I just need to see a rugby game in real life- not just on the TV :) Seems like the All Blacks have a new fan ;)


Breathtaking nature

Posted on wtorek, 18 października 2011

When I worked  with tourists in my city I often heard that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Now I can totally confirm it! When I look around here I can see green plants with colorful flowers and blue sky and almost everywhere a river, bay or sea... Blue and green are definietly the colours of New Zealand.
Going away from the city made me realize that I have never seen so many cows, sheep and horses in my life as here in 1,5h drive! There are special signs warning about cows crossing and special gates designed in the way that cows and sheep can't cross it.

Foxton Beach
Cow crossing sign

The hills and mountains make the scenery really interesting. Also there are only 4 million people living here so big parts of the nature is still untouched by human hand. Also the plants growing here are really amazing- at least for me cos the Kiwis take them as something very obvious ;)  I'm probably worse than a japanese tourist with my camera but I can't help... I love it here!

Titahi Bay


Crazy about rugby!

Posted on czwartek, 13 października 2011

I've made it! After 4 flights, 26h in the air and another 7h at the airports I'm finally Down Under! I can't believe it! The flights went ok. Not the most amazing experience, wouldn't want to repeat it any soon but I can't complain too much. The first thing I've noticed during my flght from Hong-Kong to Auckland operated by Air NZ is that Kiwis are really nice peaople. Easy- going, smiling and very friendly.

Then at the airport I've realized that they are totally obsessed about rugby!!!! And I really mean obsessed! Everywhere where you look there is All Blacks flag, poster, ad... In the plane I got All Blacks snacks and a tea in the cup wih one of the players :P Speaking about tea- I really need to remember that I should ask for black tea here- the default one is with milk! I never get that strange custom to add milk to tea...
That's what I cansee from my window
What else? It's so green here! And I have a lemon tree that I can see from window in my room! Everyone here is suprised that I'm so excited about it but in Poland we don't really grow lemons in the backyards ;)

 I have an amazing view from my wdows but it was cloudly so the photos werent that great- but soon I'm going to show off a little bit :P My boyfriend and his parents made my first day relly great and I feel like at home already. I just got up way too early today (4 am) but I shouldnt be suprised after flying the whole world and crossing 12 time zones...


It's hard to say goodbye

Posted on poniedziałek, 10 października 2011

The final countdown... It's less than 24 hours till I leave Poland. I was waiting for that moment for quite a long time and it finally came and I'm so scared! I love Poland, I love my city and I love my family and my amazing friends and I don't want to leave any of those. But my love is waiting on the other side of the world, I know I will make new friends and I will experience a lot of new things so I really want to go there... My mind is very confused right now!

My next post will be written in New Zealand if I make it to the planes... It may be hard as my 4 years old sister will take me to the airport... Also one of my best friends is planning to meet me there. So if I survi ve all that drama I will write soon! 

Hei konā rā Poland!