sierpnia 2011


But if you fall in love with a Kiwi...

Posted on poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

Then I'll call you crazy! Usually people meet, they start dating, spending time together, more time together, they move in, get married, have kids and then they die... (other options also possible). In really-long distance relationship things go quite differently. When I met my boyfriend I knew he is a great guy but I had had no expectations...obviously! When he came back home and we stayed in touch I was mad that a guy like that lives on the other side of the world otherwise I could give it a chance. So actually first few months I was just trying to fight the attraction because there was no point. I'm smart enough to know that relationships like that never lasts. Mostly due to short time spent together, no daily life problems, tiredness of phone/skype calls and the time zones, no physical contact. But I guess one stubborn and amazing Kiwi boy and one crazy Polish girl are needed and everything could be sorted out. It's just requires people to be extra patient, decided and brave. The whole moving thing is for me a little bit like bungee jumping- I know I'd like it, I know nothing bad would happen and I know that I'd like to repeat it...but I also know that if nobody is there to push me I would never decide to jump.So now I'm at the edge, facing it and getting cold feet. I have my run-away instinct on. But hey! I'm ready to jump!!!!


Never fall in love with a Kiwi

Posted on niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2011

Before you fall in love with a New Zealander be aware that it may end up moving to the other side of the world (if you are European of course). I'm going to face that in about 7 weeks. I think the best way to save yourself  troubles is to avoid Kiwis at all. It's too easy to love them as they are charming, easy-going and very social. At least the ones I've met. Why am I writing about troubles? Because leaving everything behind is quite a big step. And leaving for a country where visa is required is making it all even more stressful. The amount of papers that needs to be delivered at the application is enourmus- but what else I should expect? There are quite many options- residence, study, visitor, working holiday, skilled immigrant, bussines, partnership, sponsorship and other kinds of visas available. Luckily for Polish citizens visitors visa is not required if the stay is shorther than 90 days. That should give me enough time to get my application approved. Or disapproved. In Poland I'm only going to face the medical certificate which is already a challenge. You would never know how many information is required! If you want to check it, either cos you are curious or you are going to go to NZ - here is everything you need to know. Enjoy!