Breathtaking nature

Posted on wtorek, 18 października 2011

When I worked  with tourists in my city I often heard that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Now I can totally confirm it! When I look around here I can see green plants with colorful flowers and blue sky and almost everywhere a river, bay or sea... Blue and green are definietly the colours of New Zealand.
Going away from the city made me realize that I have never seen so many cows, sheep and horses in my life as here in 1,5h drive! There are special signs warning about cows crossing and special gates designed in the way that cows and sheep can't cross it.

Foxton Beach
Cow crossing sign

The hills and mountains make the scenery really interesting. Also there are only 4 million people living here so big parts of the nature is still untouched by human hand. Also the plants growing here are really amazing- at least for me cos the Kiwis take them as something very obvious ;)  I'm probably worse than a japanese tourist with my camera but I can't help... I love it here!

Titahi Bay

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