Crazy about rugby!

Posted on czwartek, 13 października 2011

I've made it! After 4 flights, 26h in the air and another 7h at the airports I'm finally Down Under! I can't believe it! The flights went ok. Not the most amazing experience, wouldn't want to repeat it any soon but I can't complain too much. The first thing I've noticed during my flght from Hong-Kong to Auckland operated by Air NZ is that Kiwis are really nice peaople. Easy- going, smiling and very friendly.

Then at the airport I've realized that they are totally obsessed about rugby!!!! And I really mean obsessed! Everywhere where you look there is All Blacks flag, poster, ad... In the plane I got All Blacks snacks and a tea in the cup wih one of the players :P Speaking about tea- I really need to remember that I should ask for black tea here- the default one is with milk! I never get that strange custom to add milk to tea...
That's what I cansee from my window
What else? It's so green here! And I have a lemon tree that I can see from window in my room! Everyone here is suprised that I'm so excited about it but in Poland we don't really grow lemons in the backyards ;)

 I have an amazing view from my wdows but it was cloudly so the photos werent that great- but soon I'm going to show off a little bit :P My boyfriend and his parents made my first day relly great and I feel like at home already. I just got up way too early today (4 am) but I shouldnt be suprised after flying the whole world and crossing 12 time zones...

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  1. Cytryny za oknem też mnie zachwycały na początku :)
    Środek zimy a one dojrzałe, idealne do rozgrzewającej herbatki.