Imported Polish bride

Posted on wtorek, 25 października 2011

I should have written it a week ago but I was too busy or had no internet... I GOT MY VISA!!! I was expecting to wait 2 months for it, I prepared tons of documents as well as my boyfriend and I was damn stressed about it. Guess what? I took me 1 hour to get it (including walking to the police station to witness the signature of my boyfriend)  The clerk was laughing at us that we couldn't be a real couple as we were holding hands the whole time. But when my bf said that I'm his freshly imported Polish bride the guy said to better not joke about that... Anyway having my visa means I can start looking for job...Wish me good luck!


  1. good luck with your job hunt! :) and congrats on getting your visa! :) beside, what's wrong with Polish bride? it actually sounds kina romantic :)

  2. Thanks Alex :) I think the guy wasn't happy with my bf's comment cos there are some girls here who are actually an imported wives. At the customs at the airport they asked me ii I have ever met my boyfriend!?

  3. Good luck :) I hope you will find it soon as it possible:) And...I want to get it to:) No visa of course:P but a job :P