It's hard to say goodbye

Posted on poniedziałek, 10 października 2011

The final countdown... It's less than 24 hours till I leave Poland. I was waiting for that moment for quite a long time and it finally came and I'm so scared! I love Poland, I love my city and I love my family and my amazing friends and I don't want to leave any of those. But my love is waiting on the other side of the world, I know I will make new friends and I will experience a lot of new things so I really want to go there... My mind is very confused right now!

My next post will be written in New Zealand if I make it to the planes... It may be hard as my 4 years old sister will take me to the airport... Also one of my best friends is planning to meet me there. So if I survi ve all that drama I will write soon! 

Hei konā rā Poland!

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