Well done All Blacks!

Posted on wtorek, 25 października 2011

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Have I already mentioned that Kiwis are crazy about rugby? I think it's contagious cos I found myself really interested about this sport. It's quite surprising as I have never been into watching any sports at all...  There is so much happening on the field! Way more entertaining than soccer. As my boyfriend says "Soccer is a gentleman's game played by thugs and rugby is a thug's game played by gentlemen" and then he adds  " and american football is a prick's game played by pricks... (ok, he doesn't use the word 'pricks' but I don't like to swear too much so....)

Staffed kiwi mascot from 1905
New Zealand's national team is called ALL BLACKS due to the colour of the uniforms- obviously it's all black with a silver fern on it...and an adidas trade mark. Rugby was brought to NZ in the late1860's from The United Kingdom. After few dacades All Blacks went for a tour to the UK bringing staffed kiwi as a mascot. It was always on the field and it was said that the winner keeps the kiwi. You can see this kiwi in Palmerston North in the Museum of Rugby ;) Probably it's the best place to find out more about the game.

Streets of Wellington
after winning the World Cup
in the Museum Of Rugby

Last Sunday All Blacks beat France in the final match in Rugby World Cup. The country went crazy as this is the first World Cup victory since 1987! Streets of Wellington were full of dancing people who just wanted to share their happiness with the whole world. Amazing experience for me! Now I just need to see a rugby game in real life- not just on the TV :) Seems like the All Blacks have a new fan ;)

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